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Andreas Hartmann, Pianist


To Whom It May Concern,                                                                                                           July 10, 2002

When we began to look for a piano teacher for our 13-year-old daughter and our 11-year-old son there were certain qualities that we were looking for in the teacher.  Above all we wanted a responsible, honest musician that could terach.  Realizing that many talented musicians are unable to work with children or teach we knew we would have to use references more than knowing the teacher could play well.

The Young Pianists Program headed by Dr. Karen Taylor is known for its talent as well as fine teachers.  When we approached Dr. Taylor she suggested Andreas Hartmann.  During our first lesson I found him to be confident which creates a stable, comfortable environment and he was sensitive to the student.

Since my children started piano later than the usual student I watched to make sure they weren't unconsciously treated with a type of slow learner mode and I was relieved to find they were treated on a very individual basis.  Andreas worked especially well with my son, who is a violinist.  Even encouraging him to play a violin piece at the monthly student recital that was offered under Andreas' teaching.

We have found that Andreas has a holistic approach to teaching piano considering the students strong points and working from there.  He builds a foundation on systematic procedure by which the student evolvesnaturally and becomes confident in their abilities and accomplishments before going to more difficult pieces.  He is somewhat conservative regarding advancement but very easy to discuss your ideas and thoughts about your children's abilities and direction.  He is also open to change with your input.

Dale and Mary Barnard