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Andreas Hartmann
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Andreas Hartmann, Pianist


Citizenship : United States, Canada

·        Currently private piano studio in northern Virginia area.  Teaching piano lessons, theory classes, master classes and recitals.



Professional Background

Faculty (1997-2002) in the Indiana University Pre-College Program.
            Duties include:

·        Teaching a large studio of pre-college piano students ranging in age from six to 17.

·        Repertoire selection for a variety of levels.  This includes determining the appropriate beginning
repertoire and methods for students with no pianistic background (as each student’s needs will
differ), and the selection of appropriate growth repertoire for more advanced students.  Current
advanced repertoire includes works of Bartók, Prokofiev and Chopin, and concerti by Mozart and

·        Organization of masterclasses.

·        Coordination of group recitals, and participation in an extensive rehearsal processes.

·        Meeting with parents to discuss progress and future plans.

·        Coordinating pedagogical objectives with other teachers in the program.

·        Working with the Director to facilitate various aspects of the program.

·        Large private studio of students, who ranging from beginner children to college students, and graduate students who need piano for skills within their music programs.



Other positions

1995–1999          Associate Instructor of Music (Piano), Indiana University

Duties included:

·        Teaching of private students on a Secondary basis.  Students included music majors studying piano
towards a proficiency exam, and also music and non-music majors taking secondary piano on an
elective basis.  Repertoire ranged from intermediate repertoire through to advanced college-entrance

·        Teaching of class piano, both to music and non-music majors.  This involved work both in electronic
piano laboratory, and upright acoustic piano settings.  Within the class-piano structure, I taught
classes at most levels within the sequence, and I am familiar with both the introduction of basics in
the class setting, and the cultivation of more intermediate musical and theoretical concepts as
conveyed in this environment.

·        The development of curricular and course materials, and the development of appropriate grading
methods for class piano students.

·        Collaboration and communication with other instructors teaching different sections of the course.

·        Communication with and providing of feedback about student progress to the coordinator of the


1993–1994          Teaching Assistant (Piano), University of California at Irvine

          Duties included:

·        Teaching private lessons to music majors on a Secondary basis.

·        Preparing students for Keyboard Proficiency Examinations.

·        Assisting with administrative aspects of the Secondary program.


1993–1994          Teaching Assistant (History), University of California at Irvine

          Duties included:

·        Participating in Departmental meetings concerning course planning.

·        Assuming primary grading responsibility major course assignments.

·        Serving as a counselor for students, in facilitating their progress in the course.

·        Teaching reviews of class material.

·        Facilitating examination preparation: writing study guides, answering student questions, assisting with
student research.


1991    Teaching Assistant (Computer Music), Memorial University

            Duties included:

·        Providing instruction for beginner interaction with Computer Music Technology.

·        Meeting with students privately for technology coaching sessions.

·        Assisting in the care and maintenance of MIDI laboratories.

·        Participating in Departmental meetings concerning equipment needs and plans.

·        Private research into technological developments appropriate for post-secondary music education.


1989–1992          Piano Instructor, Music Collection, St. John’s Canada

          Duties included:

·        Maintenance of a large private piano studio

·        Working with students of all ages.

·        Development of appropriate technique and repertoire from beginner to intermediate students.

·        Participation in recruitment and outreach efforts.

·        Preparation of students for the examinations administered nationally by the Royal Conservatory of
Music Examinations Board.


Academic Qualifications


Doctor of Music in Piano Performance and Literature

·        Indiana University, (Currently ABD)

·        Minor in Music History and Literature

·       Minor in Music Theory


Master of Fine Arts in Piano Performance

·        University of California, Irvine, May 1994


Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance

·        Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, May, 1992


Other education

·        Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London (external semester, 1990)

·        City University of London (external semester, 1990)


Service Activities

2000                      Adjudicator for the Annual K.E.Y. Piano Competition
A competition for young pianists, ranging in age from 5–17, for the states of Indiana,
Illinois, and Kentucky.

1998                      Adjudicator for the Annual K.E.Y. Piano Competition

1993–1994            Coordinator, Concerto Competitions, University of California at Irvine
Duties included selecting and hiring adjudicators, advertising, arranging competition
location, transportation, and administration of applications; coordinating the competition
with the needs of the faculty of the Department of Music.

1991–1992            Concert Committee, Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada
Choosing and scheduling the Guest Artist Concert Series of the School of Music for the
following Academic Year.  This involved screening hundreds of soloists and ensembles,
to suit the educational and budgetary needs of the Music School.  Duties also included
interaction with the Artists in the current (91-92) season.

1990–1991            Student Music Society, Memorial University – Vice President
Responsibilities for the office of Vice-President involved representing the needs of the
Student Body at certain committee meetings, and interactions with the Dean and
Administration of the Music School; planning of all student social events for the
academic year, and orientation events for the following academic year.  Among other
projects, successfully lobbied for a fully-equipped Student Lounge.

1989–1990            Academic Council, Memorial University
Representation of the Student Body at Academic Council Meetings.


Research Interests

Beethoven’s Influence on Schubert

Organic Unity in Schubert’s Last Three Piano Sonatas


Prizes, Awards and Honors

1995–1999           Graduate Fellowship, Indiana University

1995–1999           Fee Scholarship, Indiana University

1993                     Winner, Pasadena Community Orchestra Young Artist Competition

1993                     Winner, University of California at Irvine Concerto Competition

1992                     Fellowship tuition award, University of California at Irvine

1992                     Regent’s Fellowship, University of California

1991                     Faculty Scholarship, Memorial University, Canada

1991                     Travel Grant Award, Newfoundland Arts Council

1990                     Memorial University Travel Grant Prize.  External study at both the Guildhall School of
Music and Drama, and the City University of London

1990                     Recordings for CBC Television

1990                     Selected as pianist to perform with the Atlantic String Quartet

1989                     Winner, David McCurdy Memorial Bursary

1989                     Recordings for CBC Television

1989                    Winner, Kiwanis Senior Rose Bowl, Large Cash Prize

1988                    Winner, Kiwanis Entrance Scholarship for Keyboard
(Tenable at Memorial University)



  • College Music Society
  • Music Teachers National Association
  • Virginia Music Teachers Association
  • National Guild of Piano Teachers
  • Canadian Music Teachers Association



Applied piano teachers include:

  • Edmund Battersby (Professor of Music, Indiana University)
  • Luba Edlina-Dubinsky (Professor of Music, Indiana University)
  • Nina Scolnik (Professor of Piano, University of California at Irvine)
  • Maureen Volk (Professor of Piano, Memorial University)
  • Neil Van Allen (Professor of Piano, Memorial University)

·        John York (Professor of Piano, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London)



  • Anton Kuerti
  • Jane Coop
  • John Kimura Parker
  • Angela Cheng